Frequently Asked Questions

How quiet is GenSilencer®?

GenSilencer® quiets most 4-stroke home gas generators  It dampens the popping sound the exhaust makes and changes it to a lower pitch rumble.  This lower pitch rumble does not travel out as far from the generator, eliminating the need to place your generator long distances away, or require you to need ear protection (in some cases).  It will not be as quiet as your car engine that is in an insulated compartment, but you will see a noticeable difference – Just ask our satisfied customers!


Where do you manufacture GenSilencer®?

We proudly manufacture 100% of the GenSilencer® in America!  We hold the patent to the technology and produce the only high-quality custom silencer on the market.


How can I order and pay?

The best way to order GenSilencer® is online.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal Payments.  To order via email/postal/fax, download the form  [click here], complete and send it back to us. E-mail orders to:


Do you lose power or performance?

GenSilencer® is designed to add only minimal back pressure.  It is as quiet as possible without losing power or performance. 


Will it hurt my engine?

No.  GenSilencer® technology has been tested and used on ATV’s for almost 10 years without any damage to these comparable engines.  Many customers state that when using GenSilencer®, since the exhaust noise is decreased, you will now hear the mechanical engine noise.  No worries, you are not hurting the engine!

GenSilencer®is designed only for 4-stroke gas generators.  Our technology is not designed for use on diesel generators.


Can I install it myself?

Yes.  GenSilencer® mounts onto the exhaust outlet.     After the adapter is in place, the silencer pressure fits onto the adapter and then easily bolts onto generator frame with the hardware provided.  


Is GenSilencer® permanent?

No. It is quality built to have a long life span, but it can be easily removed. Simply unbolt the GenSilencer® and re-attach any original parts from the generator.


Do I have to weld?

No. The GenSilencer® is designed to bolt onto most generator mufflers. Installation is easy! All you will need is a drill ( 1/8 inch drill bit is provided) and a socket set.


What is your warranty?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee; no questions asked when GenSilencer® is purchased directly from us, the manufacturer.  Any purchases through our dealer network are subject to the guarantees and return policies of the dealer.

 We offer a 1-year manufacturing warranty for product defects. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  We ship via UPS.  Please email us at for international shipping quotes. Click here to view our Shipping information page.


When do you ship?

We ship same day via UPS from our warehouse.  As this is a custom product, we manufacture as ordered or in small lots, but we usually ship within a few days of ordering.  UPS sends an email confirmation and tracking number to you as soon as it ships so that can anticipate its arrival.



Proudly Manufactured in the USA